“Tackling Harmful Alcohol Use.”

Dear friends, Last week the OECD published “Tackling Harmful Alcohol Use.” This is a very important report! IFBC works closely with EUROCARE regarding Alcohol Policy development and I want to encourage all of our members, friends and networks to use this information in your respective countries to lobby for alcohol to be included into ALL policies. You will find the link to the full... read more

N'Djamena Soccer Tournament - Sport for Healthy Living!

For the first time ever in N’Djamena this year, the Blue Cross Chad’s high school soccer tournament included a girls team – with seven participating schools!. Both finals took place on Saturday 11 April and were in attendance by more than 600 people. The girl’s final was won by Lycée Moderne de Djougoulié - the newest school to participate in the Blue Cross... read more


Anne Babb
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Anne Babb

You are listening, but do you hear what is being said?

11 August 2015 - Listening is the art of truly helping somebody to discover their own resources for change. One of the key observations I have made in current society is the apparent lack of an approach to support each other in any process of change or decision-making. It is so easy to give advice and raise on a pedestal above other person’s problems. When somebody says that they suffer from headache you hear people around them giving advice based on what worked for them. It often happens that the person who has the original problem has not even had the opportunity to explain their problem by the time we provide solutions. We live in a “quick... Read more

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Too Young To Drink On September 9, the 9th day of the 9th month, at 9:09am, on the... read more

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