Blue Cross Denmark - Giving a Neighbour a Helping Hand!

It is a tradition in Greenland that each monthly payday is dedicated to a party where alcohol plays a huge role. Greenlanders’ consumption of alcohol is on average less than the Danes, but it reflects the fact that more people are completely abstinent. But it is clear that some Greenlanders have heavy alcohol consumption. From a child’s perspective these days are filled with fear,... read more

The International Blue Cross Welcome a new Member Organization!

The International Blue Cross is pleased to announce its newest member organization, Blue Cross Paraguay, which we warmly welcome into our global network! Last month Blue Cross Paraguay celebrated the launch of its newly planned therapeutic community called “El Camino,” or “The Way” in the capital, Asuncion. Once completed, the center will offer space for 60 full-time... read more


A Person is a Whole Human
Anne Babb
Written by
Anne Babb

A Person is a Whole Human

31 October 2014 - It was a great experience for me to serve as the General Secretary for Blue Cross Faroe Islands for five years. It was challenge and demanding, but also on many levels a learning process. It was a learning process that opened my eyes to the importance of working across borders – both geographically and mentally. It was a learning process to come to know the diversification of persons and to look at persons as whole humans. The focus of Blue Cross work around the world is and has always been the damage and harm alcohol and drugs are doing on individual persons, their families and society in general. We are very focused in our mission... Read more

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Too Young To Drink On September 9, the 9th day of the 9th month, at 9:09am, on the... read more

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