April: Member of the Month - South Africa

In April 2018 IBC presents the member of the month South Africa. Enjoy it! Calendar Blue Cross South Africa Calendrier Croix Bleue Afrique du Sud read more

March: Member of the Month - Switzerland

From March 2018, International Blue Cross will publish every month a calendar on its website that presents a member organisation - called member of the month. The actual member of the month, for March 2018, is Blue Cross Switzerland. Members of the Network Committee will contact all member organisations during the next 2 years to collect the necessary information. The member organisations will be... read more


Video: Alcohol - less is better!

26 March 2018 - A video on "Alcohol" is available in different languages to provide brief and easy understanding information about alcohol to different audiences. The video shows when alcohol turns from enjoyment to risk, possible effects of high level alcohol consumption and in which situations alcohol should be completely avoided. In addition, it describes indicators that may show an alcohol addiction and indicates options for help. Alcohol - less is better! L'alcool - A consommer avec modération! Read more

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Too Young To Drink On September 9, the 9th day of the 9th month, at 9:09am, on the... read more

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