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Network Committee

The Network Committee is the governing body (board) of the International Blue Cross. It oversees the execution of the General Assembly’s mandate and directs our Secretariat to effectively manage agreed strategies and activities during the designated period of office.

Its current members are:


 Albert Moukolo, PhD, President of the International Blue Cross, Switzerland

Reinhard Jahn, Vice-President of the International Blue Cross

Secretary General of Blue Cross Germany, Representative of the BC Youth Associations

Rolf Hartmann, General Secretary of Blue Cross Brazil
Hans Eglin, Managing Director of regional Blue Cross Organisation in Switzerland
  Phelane Palesa, Chairperson of Blue Cross Youth South Africa
Fanjanirina Rasolomanana, Pastor, Programme Manager of Blue Cross Madagascar
  Ingalill Söderberg, Journalist, Sweden

Contact the Network Committee

If you are interested in contacting the Network Committee, please write an e-mail to: nc@ifbc.info