April: Member of the Month - South Africa

In April 2018 IBC presents the member of the month South Africa. Enjoy it! Calendar Blue Cross South Africa Calendrier Croix Bleue Afrique du Sud read more

March: Member of the Month - Switzerland

From March 2018, International Blue Cross will publish every month a calendar on its website that presents a member organisation - called member of... read more

IBC Network Committee Meeting 13 -15 November

The IBC Network Committee Meeting is currently taking place at the Blue Cross Germany in Wuppertal. The seven NC-members and the General Secretariat... read more

Cross Border Aspects on Alcohol Policy

 IBC GS is taking part on Estonian EU presidency Conference on ’Cross Border Aspects in Alcohol Policy.’ With the Nordic Alcohol and... read more

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

The consumption of alcohol in pregnant women sadly is still a reality around the globe. Many are not aware that even one glass of alcohol consumed... read more

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