NEW: PSEA and Complaints Policies in place at IBC

Protection from sexual exploitation and abuse is crucial to our programmes and work – also internally. The UN and the NGO community refer to it as PSEA - measures taken to protect vulnerable people from sexual exploitation and abuse by an organization´s own staff and associated personnel. It goes without saying that IBC is committed to protecting its staff and volunteers as well as beneficiaries of its programme and associated personnel. With this in mind we have recently created a PSEA policy. From 2019 onwards, all IBC-contracted partners must adopt the IBC PSEA policy. We encourage all Blue Cross organisations to pay particular attention to this issue. Feel free to adopt IBC policies to your local use even if member organisations are independent bodies and your local policies apply. An integral part of all policies is a solid complaint policy which IBC has also put in place.

PSEA Policy

Complaint Policy

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